The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort does NOT allow uphill access to the mountain at any time. Regardless of whether the Mountain is open or closed, skinning is prohibited.


Snow King Resort allows uphill access to skiers both during open and closed hours. This year Snow King has implemented an Uphill Pass that skinners and hikers and hikers will be required to have and carry on their person. This Uphill Pass free for the entire season and will be available at the ticket offices. Upon receipt of the Uphill Pass a Snow King waiver will need to be signed. (Season Pass holders will receive this pass automatically)

DURING OPEN HOURS, 8am-8pm or whenever a lift is spinning: Uphill skinning is confined to the Summer Uphill Trail and Cats Trail. Do not interfere with snow making (use care when crossing any hoses), or grooming activity. Obey all Closed Area signs, including areas where runs may be closed due to winch-cat activities. If skinning near dusk, a headlamp is required.

Dogs are prohibited on the mountain during open hours.

Snow bikes are prohibited during open hours.

DURING CLOSED HOURS: Uphill skinning is permitted on the mountain with the following caveats: Headlamps are required, stay off any slope where a cat is winching, do not interfere with snow making or grooming, stay out of all posted Closed Areas.


Uphill travel during lift operating hours is allowed in the following designated areas with some restrictions:

• Mary’s Nipple/Peaked Ridge:
uphill access is allowed in appointed areas when “Closed, Avalanche Area” signs and gates are open.

• Peaked Cat Ski Area: uphill access is allowed in appointed areas when “Closed, Avalanche Area” signs and gates are open.

• Wachabe Woods: uphill access is always allowed in appointed areas and may be necessary to return to the ski area.

DURING CLOSED HOURS - 4:30pm - 9:00am
Uphill/downhill travel will be allowed on a portion of the Teton Vista Traverse (TVT) only. Travel will be allowed up to the 'Scotty’s Cutoff' to access the Scotty’s Backcountry Gate when avalanche control work is not planned. Please refer to the "Open/Closed" sign at the the beginning of the Teton Vista Traverse (TVT).  This policy is intended to allow access to National Forest Land, and not resort permit area.